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Call centres in Asia utilising WhatsApp

Apps lots ofA new study has revealed that call centres across Indonesia, India and Singapore are embracing WhatsApp as a way to interact with consumers. After gathering insights from around 5,500 people across ten countries, BT revealed the news as they reported on the channels use by telephone answering services to engage with consumers.

Modern call centres have to interact with people in far more ways than they did in the past, and this has led companies to adopt innovative methods of talking to customers. Whilst Europeans, including those in Belgium, Spain, and Germany, utilise WhatsApp for messaging friends and family, it is used more as a customer services tool in Asia and the US.

One thing standing in the way of WhatsApp being widely adopted for mainstream use is the fact that it does not use an open source API. Dr Nicola Millard, BT Technology’s head of customer insight and futures, said: “As soon as a channel gains the power to influence communities, companies will begin to ask ‘How can I use this to reach my customers?’. Of course, that also carries the question ‘Is this appropriate for our customer base?’”

For companies that want to utilise as many options as possible to talk with clients, considering WhatsApp as a customer services tool could be a good move. However, it will likely take some time before the widespread use in Asia spreads to call centres based in Europe.

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