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Call centres for round the clock service

There are some companies that require a telephone answering service 24/7.  It may be that there is an on-site team that can deal with calls during normal office hours, but keeping staff on-site after hours and at weekends could prove to be expensive, particularly if fewer calls are expected at these times.  In addition, as businesses increasingly look internationally for customers, they need to take into account differing time zones and offer services accordingly.

A call centre can be the solution for this.  They are not just there to deal with calls for larger organisations but can also help smaller businesses to provide these out of hours services without the cost associated with staffing and premises.

Location becomes less of an issue when using an external telephone answering service.  A company could be based in London but using the services of a call centre in another city.  This means that a business is able to hire the most cost effective and efficient solution for them, rather than the nearest.

A business will have a dedicated team within the call centre to take their calls and this means that customers will be able to speak to people who have had training on the products and services.  Being able to speak to a real person gives the customer much more confidence and ensures that questions can be answered and issues can be resolved much more quickly.  As businesses develop and change, the team taking the calls can adapt and undergo further training as needed.

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