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Call centres favour customer experience over sales

Side view of customer service assistantsNew industry insights show that modern call centres are now favouring improving customer services over increasing sales volumes. The latest “Customer Service in 2015” report from Business Systems showed that 62.3 per cent of telephone answering services questioned want to improve consumer care as a core target and are less focussed on growing the number of sales.

Having surveyed over 100 call centres, Business Systems investigated what executives are looking for from their technology. Just 17.9 per cent said they wanted to grow sales volumes, whilst the same percentage also revealed staffing cost reductions were important. Meanwhile, 18.9 per cent want to reduce overall call centre wastage. Coming out on top was improving customer services, followed by improving First Call Resolution (FCR) and understanding the customer voice with 45.3 per cent and 41.5 per cent respectively.

Carolyn Blunt, an expert in the call centre and customer services industry, said: “For the majority of contact centres, customer service is the top priority. Most metrics are focused on customer service performance so it makes sense that respondents have answered in the way they have. Sales may not be part of their role and even if it is, they may not be incentivised.” She added that because many call centres focus on upselling or cross selling, good customer services and high FCR rates are vital. By focusing on these areas, companies might see their sales volume rise.

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