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Call centres failing to answer lines in 20 seconds

telephone212.1Despite telephone answering services having an industry standard of answering 80 per cent of calls within 20 seconds, a new report has suggested that many companies are way off the mark when it comes to meeting this. It is important for executives to check their results and make changes if they are not meeting their targets.

In the latest NewVoiceMedia survey, 600 call centre members were asked to share their targets for answering calls. Many companies use the industry standard of 80 per cent of calls in 20 seconds. This ensures they stay competitive with their rivals. Meanwhile, some of the leading firms are actually trying to aim higher and have set the challenge to answer 90 per cent of calls within this time. However, the report’s authors also discovered a trend for 70 per cent of calls to be answered within 30 seconds, a target that could frustrate consumers and lead to a poor experience.

With modern business being so focussed on meeting customer demand, it is essential to do everything possible to provide people with a positive and engaging experience. This includes answering phone calls in a timely fashion. Whilst the industry standard is there to guide firms, it’s a good idea to strive for better; this is something that should be a priority for firms that are slipping beneath this target.

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