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Call centres experiencing long queues

A new poll of 140 call centres has discovered that long queue times remain an issue in many telephone answering services around the country.  Having to make customers wait for extended periods can frustrate many people, resulting in a drop of service level.  Therefore, everything must be done to keep queue times to an absolute minimum.

As part of the poll, respondents were asked how often their call centre noted long queue times.  Taking the majority of the results into account, 26% said that this happened on a frequent basis.  Long queues occurred on a daily basis and during seasonal peaks for other companies, with 21% and 22% respectively.  Finally, 16% of companies noted a long queue at least once or twice a week, whilst 15% only experienced call delays occasionally, about 15% of the time.

The data goes to show that many people are still having trouble keeping their queue time low.  This can have huge implications for customers, as many people will become increasingly irritated the longer they have to wait.  If callers want help with a problem, their negative experience of a company is only worsened, meaning that agents have to work even harder to correct the situation.  In some cases, consumers may even abandon calls and switch to a competitor instead.  This means that it is vital for call centres to work on queue times and ensure that, in particularly busy times, there are enough agents to deal with call traffic.

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