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Call centres encouraged to utilise WFM tools

Call centre agentsA new survey has revealed that just 29 per cent of call centres utilise a Workforce Management (WFM) solution. Even though such tools have been around for decades, many companies have not invested in the technology yet and could be losing out on potential gains as a result.

The latest “The State of Workforce Management in Call Centres – 2016” report questioned 100 telephone answering services professionals about their WFM tools. The report indicates that even though these solutions have come a long way, they are still not seen as a must-have tool.

By using WFM technology, businesses can more easily organise working environments, manage staff and optimise operations. However, only 29 per cent of respondents said they had such a solution in place.

There are numerous factors behind the slow uptake, with a lack of training and customisation reported by 67 per cent of surveyed individuals. Meanwhile, 33 per cent mentioned that many off-the-shelf options had resulted in inflexible and disappointing experiences.

Business Systems’ Business Development Manager Nick Emblem explained that many older WFM tools have become outdated when compared to the demands of the modern call centre. “The majority of challenges reported by our respondents (overall performance, reporting, support) do not exist in modern enterprise systems, which are faster, smarter, feature-rich and more user-friendly,” he said.

For call centre managers who want to organise their workforce better, a WFM tool could be ideal. However, solution providers must evolve towards flexible payment models and hosting options if widespread use of such tools is to become common practice.

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