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Call centres encouraged to provide better IVR

business people group working in customer and help desk officeIVR has become a widely used process in call centres, providing customers with menus to either help themselves or get routed through to the right agent. However, in a poll, 65 per cent of people revealed that the last IVR they utilised didn’t actually have the correct options. This means telephone answering services have some work to do if they want to streamline customer care.

In September 2014, customers were asked about their last use of an IVR system. More specifically, individuals were questioned whether the system had provided the right menu options. Of the 200 responses, 65 per cent said the menus hadn’t provided options that catered directly to their need.

The poll highlights the fact that although IVR systems can be of great use, there is still a lot of work that call centres need to do to ensure they are working properly. In many cases, menus are set up with internal organisation in mind rather than a customer’s needs. In addition, IVRs need to be reviewed to ensure they still meet the needs of customers the same way they did when they were initially set up. Finally, it indicates that menu options might be set up by people listening to agents rather than those focussing on customers.

To get the best out of IVRs, they need to answer the issues consumers have. Therefore, reviewing and listening to callers is vital.

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