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Call centres encouraged to focus on agent strengths

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onCall centre agents are an essential resource for businesses, but they are often forgotten about in favour of concentrating on the latest software tools and upgrades. For firms that want to boost productivity and efficiency, helping to nurture employees is vital.

Telephone answering services should think about their employees’ “human” strengths before simply automating everything. Identifying what people are good at can help them make strategic decisions. For example, repetition, calculations and being available 24/7 aren’t things that people are good at. Conversely, good agents should be able to engage naturally without hindering scripting. In such a case, scripting can be reduced whilst tasks such as calculations can be automated.

Another area that call centres should prioritise is measuring agent performance. Even top performing staff need occasional monitoring to ensure they are working correctly. Effective coaching relies on using Voice of the Customer (VoC) data. This can provide a way for companies to identify if a good service was provided, if consumers perceived the contact as positive, and whether agents made the right decisions.

Focussing on staff members and using modern technology and gadgets allow call centres to boost overall performance. Doing one and not the other can cause an unbalanced workplace. By helping staff excel, efficiency gains and productivity boosts can be made, providing a healthier and more holistic approach to business.

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