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Call centres encouraged to calculate customer complaint cost

It’s a fact of life that all call centres will encounter complaints at some point. However, it is the way in which telephone answering services deal with these complaints that is important. With complaints varying from a negligible frustration on the customer’s part to a wide-scale branding disaster, it is extremely important for companies to know just what cost is involved. When customer retention rates start to be affected, it is vital to act.

In a new survey, it was revealed that 83 per cent of company executives had no idea what their customer complaint cost was. In the 2014 Customer Experience Management survey, it was found that although 80 per cent of global organisations believe customer strategy is becoming increasingly important, 81 per cent of firms were not fully committed to this action. For firms that haven’t developed a strategy, customer attrition is set to be three times greater. Conversely, referral rates for companies who take their customer experience seriously are up to five times higher.

Lior Arussy, a key player behind the latest report, said: “It seems, despite the growing interest in customer-centric strategies, the vast majority of companies are demonstrating little sense of urgency. Resources, budget and sponsorship commitments do not match corporate declarations – triggering a severe economic impact.”

The news highlights the fact that call centres must increasingly pay attention to the cost of a consumer complaint and establish whether it is bad enough to initiate a full-scale customer experience review.

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