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Call centres embrace the use of multimedia

Daily Business VWhen call centres were first introduced into the business industry back in the 1960s, they were quite different from the call centres of today.

The telephone answering service of the 21st century has embraced multimedia in a way that its predecessors could not have imagined. Now, call centre representatives are using a variety of tools, including video and internet-based technologies, to put the focus right back on delivering excellent customer service. This use of modern technology makes call centres very attractive to clients who are continuously looking for cost-effective solutions to provide the best user experience for their customers.

Wynand Smit, the CEO of INOVO, said: “Multimedia is able to encapsulate all the latest innovation and package it in such a way as to give companies the customer service edge they need. Gone are the days where customers are restricted by a service number or e-mail. They want to engage with brands using the platforms that they are most comfortable with. And if companies are not able to effectively integrate this multimedia approach, they lose a great deal of momentum in the connected environment.”

A multimedia call centre can deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and enjoy increased productivity. It also allows call centre supervisors to develop pre-defined replies to enquiries and templates that can be forwarded to customers via the desired medium with just one click.

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