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Call centres embrace smartphone technology

It has been estimated that around one-fifth of call centres have already opted to add smartphone technology and applications to their range of services.

The survey carried out looked at more than 600 call centres in various countries around the world.  In 2012 the percentage of businesses that are using social media comes to 33.1%, a figure almost double that of 2011.  This number is expected to increase substantially again over the next year.  It is considered that most companies are doing this in order to respond to demand from customers as changes in the way that the internet is allowing contact between customers and businesses means that they are in the driving seat.

Over the next few years the industry expects the role of the telephone answering service operative to change a great deal.  They will need to be multi-skilled and able to use all the latest technologies.  Customer service operatives will also need to be able to respond to queries and comments placed on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The challenge is for businesses to meet the demand.  The figures show that there are still large numbers of call centres that are yet to develop in this direction.  Keeping pace with the latest technologies is a must for any call centre that wishes to compete in the marketplace.  Call centre agents still have a role to play in customer service as complex enquiries will require more than a brief answer on a social networking site.


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