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Call centres defy economic downturn

A recent study has shown that many UK call centres are doing very well despite the economic problems at the moment.

The research has been published in the UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report, which looked at more than 200 call centres.  Aspects of the business that were taken into consideration include staff salaries, absences, training, recruitment of new staff, performance standards and budgets.  The report has also considered forecasts leading up to 2015.

A number of points were noted by the report including the fact that salaries in call centres increased by more than the rate of inflation over the financial year of 2011/12.  Those in management positions were estimated to have benefited by an average rise of 6.1% in their pay packet.  Day-to-day expenditure for most businesses is being monitored, but all recognise that some change and development is needed in order to be able to compete in the marketplace.

Telephone answering service teams are expected to grow over the next year, with more than half of the businesses that took part in the survey intent on recruiting.  Businesses are also investing a great deal in their call centres.  Capex investment was increased in around a third of all call centres during 2011.  This covers items such as technology and other major investments.  There has also been an increase in the amount of time that call centre staff spend on multichannel contact.

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