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Call centres could hold onto valuable staff with salary boost

Salary increase chartNew figures have shown that agent salaries have failed to keep up with inflation despite the pay for call centre managers having risen well above it. Many telephone answering services agents have had to deal with poor pay gains, which means workers are now worse off than they were before. If companies want to hold onto their staff, they must ensure they are paying competitive rates.

Since 2003, ContactBabel has been tracking key elements within the call centre sector. Salary details have been collated for four roles, including new agents, agents with more than 12 months of experience, team leaders, and managers. Twelve years ago, managers were paid an average of £27,166; this had risen to £40,214 by 2014. If manager salary had increased with inflation, their pay should actually be £35,803.

Meanwhile, agents seem to be getting a worse deal. New agents, for example, began with an average of £12,945 in 2003 and now earn £16,027. However, using inflation as a guide, salaries should be at £17,061. Even experienced agents aren’t rewarded for their company loyalty, with pay rising to £18,320 from £13,891. Although new salary amounts are £12 above the inflation rate, it means that long-term agents are barely better off than they were over a decade ago despite remaining an invaluable resource for call centres.

With the industry having a notoriously high staff turnover rate, keeping hold of experienced staff should be a priority. By boosting salaries a little, call centres might find better morale and loyalty.

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