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Call centres could deal with heightened traffic post 0845 change

By law, all call centres have had to change customer service lines hosted on 0845 numbers to alternative, cheaper-rate options. For some telephone answering services, the fact that support lines no longer charge a premium fee could mean that traffic rises considerably because consumers feel they can call and queue without creating a huge bill. However, executives must not worry that this will harm their customer services because more calls can result in positive changes.

Call centres often try to keep call numbers low because high traffic could mean there is a service or product problem that has to be dealt with. However, it actually helps the company in the long run because issues can be highlighted and then fixed, thus preventing the same problems from occurring for future consumers. In addition, now that premium rate numbers have been scrapped for care lines, there is the opportunity for businesses to use the increased traffic in their favour, gathering more customer data and increasing loyal consumers as a result.

For companies concerned that higher traffic will lower customer services quality, it is important to focus on service strategy and ensure that safeguards are in place. By doing this ahead of the peak time rises, businesses ensure that all consumers receive the same high quality of care and go away even happier than they would have been if they had called a premium-rate 0845 line.

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