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Call centres continue to be vital business division

A new survey has found that approximately 3.7 million people are employed in the contact centre sector throughout Europe. Around 35,000 centres exist, showing that businesses continue to require the vital services provided by these companies. For any company trying to handle consumer calls in-house, outsourcing to telephone answering services often provides many advantages.

In the latest report by Altitude Software, it was shown that during 2013, there were more than 35,000 call centres in existence. On average, each centre had 78 seats, resulting in the sector employing 3.7 million throughout 30 European nations. It also doesn’t appear that their existence is diminishing, with experts expecting 4.4 per cent growth per year for the industry over the coming decade.

David Romero, Altitude Software’s chief marketing officer, said: “The European contact centre market is a fast evolving reality that requires more research. The Benchmark is a remarkable effort to further our understanding of industry trends in Europe.”

Despite call centres having to change their approach to customer service including having to diversify to become multi-channelled, the demand for such business divisions isn’t falling. For those who want to get the best consumer care without having to deal with matters in-house, outsourcing to a European supplier is an extremely viable option. This allows firms to focus on key areas such as growth and financing whilst having peace of mind that customer services is being looked after.

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