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Call centres concentrating on handling times instead of customer service

A new report has revealed that many call centres are continuing to prioritise call handling time instead of looking to increase their customer services.  In 2013, when customers are demanding better care than ever, it is vital that telephone answering services ensure that consumer needs are taken into account.  Otherwise, businesses could lose money and customers to their competitors.

In a new report looking into the data captured by call centres, it was shown that 80.6% of companies strive for consumer satisfaction.  However, many centres remain focused on pulling call handling time down, even if it results in customers receiving poor quality care.  The Dimension Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report 2012 showed that metrics, in order of priority, were listed as resolving first calls, reducing average handling time and then improving customer satisfaction.  This is a worrying list considering that successful companies are those that cater to their consumers.

There is a huge problem with concentrating only on handling time, as customers expect more than ever from service and product providers.  For those who encounter bad service, switching allegiances to a competitor is highly likely.  This results in companies losing business, despite putting time and energy into a call.

Ensuring a high level of customer care is vital if business is to be retained.  Whilst handling time is important, it shouldn’t necessarily be given priority over consumer services.

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