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Call centres can benefit from home workers

Although some call centres might be wary of using home workers to boost their agent resources, there are many benefits of introducing this method. Whilst telephone answering services can keep the majority of their workers in an office space, having access to remote agents is an extremely good idea.

There are many positives in embracing home workers. First, workspace can become more efficient. This is because a lot of offices don’t have areas to separate outbound sales and inbound customer support, causing disruption as a result. In addition, working from home can reduce ambient noise levels. This not only serves the customer well, but it can help keep agents focused when they’re on calls, thereby boosting consumer care on two levels.

Another benefit of using home workers is that call centres suddenly find their talent pool becomes a lot larger. Call centre work isn’t for everyone. However, being able to work from home often attracts a lot more potential candidates. Involving home workers in team events and bringing them into the office now and then is a good idea, but for the most part, they should be allowed to operate at home.

Finally, utilising remote workers also helps with cost saving, particularly in terms of office and hardware requirements. Office space can be a huge expense, and by having a number of agents working at home, the size of office required can be greatly reduced.

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