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Call centres bouncing back despite economic turbulence

New figures have indicated that call centres are bouncing back, despite economic turbulence still being seen.  With many companies beginning to realise that customer service is crucial to future growth, British telephone answering services are once again becoming more popular than those overseas, offering a welcome boost for the industry.

A new report called “The UK Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report” has revealed interesting data collated from an in-depth study of 216 British-based call centres.  Researchers looked specifically at budget and headcounts for 2013, staff salaries and bonuses, contact centre performance benchmarks and absence rates.  Author of the report, Steve Morrell, said: “A number of financial indicators seem to suggest that the UK contact centre industry is repositioning itself successfully for growth.  The increase in salaries at both agent and management level, matched with actual and planned headcount changes, show that the demand for customer communication is continuing to grow.”

Some of the report’s important findings were that call centre salaries increased above the rate of rising inflation, and that over half (54%) of those surveyed are expecting to increase their headcount during 2013.  Meanwhile, it was also shown that talk time continues to fall, with the amount of time spent on multi-channel communication having now risen to 50%.  This means that more contact centres than ever before are increasing customer service by avoiding phone calls altogether, opting instead to use website instant messaging, email and social networking platforms.

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