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Call centres benefit from customers who are happy to hold

Phone keypadMany call centres across Britain might be battling extensive queuing time and worrying that putting people on hold will lead them to flock elsewhere. However, a new study has discovered that 45 per cent of consumers are happy to wait longer than a minute for their call to be answered.

The study asked 1,000 consumers about their preferences when it comes to telephone answering services. The results were surprising: many people reported that they are actually happy to hold, and only 6 per cent said they weren’t happy to wait at all.

Women are more patient than men by 52 per cent to 38 per cent, whilst older people have less patience. Among those aged between 55 and 64, only 38 per cent would wait longer than one minute. This compares with 49 per cent of callers aged between 35 and 44 who said the same. In addition, patience varies by location, with those in London being the least likely to wait. Here, only 37 per cent of people would queue, whilst 53 per cent of Scottish consumers were happy to hold.

Mark Williamson, an expert in the industry, said: “Traditionally, waiting on hold is perceived as an annoyance for customers, so these figures might come as a surprise, suggesting British people are willing to wait longer than might be assumed. This only further emphasises the need for businesses to handle calls in the best possible manner and ensure customers are kept engaged and entertained when they do have to be placed on hold for any period of time.”

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