GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call Centres are the 21st Century Factories

The UK has many factories still standing today from the 19th century, yet “factories” are changing in the 21st century.

In Darwen, Lancashire the India Mill Factory chimney is still standing. It was constructed in 1867, as the tallest and most expensive of its time. From high in the tower if one were to look down, all they would see would be office buildings instead of industrial factories and machinery. The factories of the 19th century are gone, replaced with more modern structures with automated equipment and more office buildings.

Office buildings providing call centres for outsourcing needs in the UK are beginning to spring up everywhere. They are expanding more and more in the UK from their parent companies in India. Some of the telephone answering services are UK-based companies only. What matters is that companies in need of telephone answering services are able to find what they require within the UK. The replacement of smelly factories for more up-to-date technology also matters. The BBC has decided to investigate if we can term call centres “21st century factories.” After all, these “factories” provide numerous jobs and benefits to the UK economy. Less industrial work is needed in-country and more office jobs with increased technology are becoming more important for the world to continue working.

The benefits of call centres are widely known. By now many of us know we can save on costs and with UK-based centres we also save jobs by using UK workforces.

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