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Call centres are noting rising attrition rates

Businessman drawing an arrow going upA new report has shown that attrition rates in UK call centres continue to rise. Keeping employees is notoriously difficult for telephone answering services, and businesses tend to lose a lot of money as a result of high staff turnover. Now, the 2015/16 edition of the UK & US Contact Centre HR & Operational Benchmarking Report said that attrition in the industry has risen to 22 per cent.

After collating data from more than 420 US and UK call centres, ContactBabel revealed their latest findings. On average, starting salaries for new agents have risen by 5 per cent to £16,844. Meanwhile, the sector is currently experiencing an 11-year low in agent idle time. The report also discovered an interesting variation for average speed relating to call centre size. For operations with more than 200 seats, the average answering speed was double that of rates in firms with less than 50 seats.

The rise in attrition will be particularly worrying for some call centres, especially those that have been actively trying to retain staff members. The recruitment process can be very expensive, and ongoing training and education means that employees are heavily invested. It can cost firms a lot of money when individuals leave. Therefore, it is essential to hold onto agents for as long as possible.

With the new attrition rates in mind, companies must do more to retain their staff, ensuring that the investment they put into this resource is not wasted.

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