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Call centres are increasingly multi-skilling their agents

Call centre people smilingNew research has found that half of call centres now ensure almost all of their agents are multi-skilled and can deal with a large variety of workplace operations. Although many telephone answering services traditionally kept agents solely for taking calls, the digital era means that employees need to be equipped to handle a plethora of platforms if they want to keep customers happy.

In the latest survey, more than 350 industry professionals were questioned about agent skills. Up to 80 per cent have realised the benefits of having multi-skilled agents, with around half taking the decision to ensure almost all their employees can handle multiple platforms. There can be many benefits for the call centre, especially during periods of high traffic when agents can handle engagements on multiple mediums. The approach also means that agents are less likely to become bored, and it can keep people engaged and interested in their job.

However, although many companies are taking advantage of the benefits, others have been left behind. For example, 12 per cent of respondents said that just “some” of their agents have such skill levels, whilst 7 per cent admitted that “few or none” of their workers have multiple skills.

In an era that is growing increasingly competitive, it is vital for call centres to be at the leading edge of consumer trends and ensure they can interact with customers at the preferred level. This requires having multiple platforms. By having agents equipped to handle a variety of these platforms, staff resources can be better utilised.

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