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Call Centres and Social Media Provide Leads

Social media is definitely good for business.

Social media is a great tool for businesses that want to expand and gain new customers. It can also be great for converting potential customers because staff members can interact directly with these customers. Yet for some, adding in social media to their regular schedule will be difficult as they already have other tasks to complete. For this very reason social media combined with call centres can provide companies with new leads.

Call centre locations can provide you with Twitter and LinkedIn connections where they keep up with the comments, instead of you. They can build your followers and even help with referrals to the corporate website. There is one example wherein a business grew because of LinkedIn. They gained about 5,000 followers and began to add more. Another business added even more with almost 6,000 followers. Social media is definitely a great trend for businesses. There is plenty of information to correlate between social media and call centres when it comes to new leads.

Call centres helping with referrals and other social media options are also providing telephone answering services. These services have existed for several years as part of the original call centre concept. Now there are simply more choices, such as the social media services wherein staff members can use Twitter or Link with customers through LinkedIn. The choice is yours as to whether you go with social media as part of the call centre or keep it with you in-house.

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