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Call centre workers celebrate lottery win

Call centre workers from Armagh in Ireland are celebrating after they won a share of the National Lottery jackpot.

The five winners won a third of the £2.3 million jackpot on the 23rd of March. They each picked their own set of numbers for the draw, but it was their manager, whose six numbers matched the numbers chosen at random, who chose the lucky six.

Brendan McLaughlin chose the winning numbers he stated:

“I picked my girlfriend’s birthday, the date on which we met along with my birthday and my sister’s birthday.

“The other two numbers were picked at random. We just couldn’t believe it.”

Other syndicate members who shared the prize were named as Gillian Greer, Declan Mallon, Greg Mallon and Kenny Fong.

Greg Mallon was ecstatic at the win, he has two young daughters, he said:

“We have worked together and have been friends for five years but it was only two weeks ago that we decided to start the syndicate.

“Up to then we had individual flutters and some of us had won now and again – but nothing on the scale.”

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