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Call Centre Worker Rejects Unfair Pay Claims


A worker from a US call centre has reacted angrily to union claims its workers are being underpaid.

The United Services Union says it has evidence up to 38 workers at the Well Done Call Centre in South Nowra are being underpaid and are working in an unsafe environment.

The union inspected the work site this week. The employee, ‘Avis’, says she objects to the union’s comments as she is being paid a fair wage.

“I think my employers are extremely successful, I wouldn’t have been there for seven years if I felt I wasn’t being paid correctly,” she said. “I’m not a young woman, I’m in my 60s, and I’ve worked since I was 16, so I’m quite aware of what pay rates should be.”

What are your experiences of pay and conditions in the call centre industry? Are you an employer of call centre staff who have experienced unfair pressure from unions? If so, share your comments with us.



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