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Call Centre Worker In £250000 Fraud


A call centre worker for Halifax Bank Of Scotland (HBOS) has been jailed for stealing over £250,000 from customers. Rachel Jeffers worked at a HBOS call centre in Kirkby and committed the fraud in a joint conspiracy with her boyfriend, Eugene Johnson.

The acts of fraud were committed by Johnson calling into the centre, pretending to be a genuine client, which then allowed Jeffers to access personal account details in order to steal the money.

The largest single theft was £250,000, stolen from a customer in Croydon and deposited into a bank in Romania. A smaller amount of £2,500 was deposited directly into Jeffers’ account.

At Liverpool crown court Judge David Aubrey, QC, described Jeffers, 23, as “a thoroughly manipulative, devious and dishonest young woman.”

This story highlights that having such open access to clients’ information is both dangerous and irresponsible. At GoResponse, we always work with clients to only provide access to confidential details once the customer has provided security information that is not known to the agent taking the call.

Once sensitive information is displayed, there should always be an audit trail of what has been accessed, by whom and when it was displayed.


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