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Call Centre Tips The Importance of Good Working Relationships

The importance of personal relationships with call centres.

No matter who you do business with it is important to have a work/personal relationship. Likeminded people tend to work better with each other. You could, therefore, set up a great call centre relationship if you try hard enough to build a work relationship with some personal relationship in the mix. We do not mean going out for drinks, but learning a little about the telephone answering services representative can be most helpful. For instance, does the representative you work with have a family? How old are his or her children? Has the person ever been to the UK, if they are based in another country?

It is important that you not overlook any of the complementary personalities you can have in a working relationship. Furthermore, you need to respect the representative’s time as they are also most likely busy, so learning about them should be slow and progressive as you build a comfortable relationship. If you must speak with another representative of the company give praise and appreciate the work they do for you. It is always better to have a good working relationship without communication gaps.

At the end of the contract, even if you must break the relationship, make certain you give positive feedback. Always leave pathways open in case you need to go back to the call centre for one reason or another. A good relationship with the company is far better than ending it on bad terms only to have to return later.

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