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Call Centre Tips for Interviews

The following tips can help you interview a potential call centre for your outsourcing needs.

Whilst these tips regarding call centre outsourcing are often structured for a person trying to get a job at a call centre, they can work just as well for your business, in order to interview a potential outsourcing call centre offering you telephone answering services.

Ask yourself what you know about the company. Background information on the call centre can tell you a lot about their services and how well they work with other companies providing telephone answering services. For example, is the company you are going to work with the parent company or one of the global offshoots?

When they hire employees what do they look for? Are they asking similar questions of employees, such as why they want to apply for the call centre? It helps you communicate with the management about the staff who are actually going to help you provide telephone answering services to your consumers.

You can certainly ask them to give you an example of their customer service. An example of great customer service should be offered by the company such as a short test period to ensure that both you and the company are right on track for a mutually beneficial relationship.

You probably will also want to ask what the company’s plans are for the future. A company that is looking to expand may be perfect if you are likely to need more services later; however, it can also take away from the call centre needs you already have.

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