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Call centre time management crucial for optimisation

For all companies, especially call centres, call management is extremely important. By utilising every moment at work effectively, high performance and efficiency can be gained. Teaching telephone answering services staff how to think more effectively is important if the best is to be gained from a workforce. By implementing change management, call centres can take great leaps forward.

One of the most important aspects of time management is not to allow “dead time” to slip by. There are lots of moments, such as taking a shower or driving to work, that could be utilised. Agents won’t be too keen to give up their time at home, but in the workplace, trying to eliminate idle chatter and get people to educate themselves or solve problems can make the best use of downtime.

Another idea that should be passed on to agents is that different problems are best tackled at different times. Issues should be prioritised into problems needing immediate attention to more complex processes that require in-depth thought and research. By responding to a problem at the right time, time can be used more efficiently.

In some cases, agents might need a little extra help to get the thought process going. In such scenarios, swapping the office for a creative environment can help. In addition, being given a quiet space to work can often aid workers, and these factors need to be recognised by managers trying to get the best from their team.

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