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Call Centre Technology

There are several concepts of technology used in call centres to explore.

Technology is used often in call centres, but you might wish to know exactly what it is and how it might be helpful to your telephone answering service needs. One option is centralising customer service. This is where a call centre provides one location for all your telephone answering needs. The call centre answers incoming calls from customers. It is also possible to have these centres handle outbound calls too, for such things as sales and marketing. Technical support and other helplines are also a possibility.

Call routing and distribution call centres are considered analogue in that they handle customer service via a distribution systems. This type of technology means that employees or agents can work with a variety of technologies, including phone, email and fax. They may also handle post. This type of call centre usually requires an in-country service so that the post can be delivered. Each workstation in this type of centre offers a telephone, computer and headset.

Virtual call centres are one of the newest technologies whereby company staff work online in a virtual centre to help with computer and software systems. The staff members can be ‘patched in’ from anywhere to handle help calls. Technology in these centres usually requires a LAN, company database, and integration with the existing phone network. Inbound and outbound calls can be handled this way. Virtual centres can require fewer staff members to help in the call centre.

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