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Call centre technology now being used by NHS

It has been revealed that the NHS is now beginning to use call centre technology to ensure that patients are reminded about their appointments.  Around one fifth of Health Boards and NHS Acute Trusts in Britain are to use appointment management cycle software to improve efficiency within the healthcare sector.

Telephone answering services offer a large range of features for companies to utilise, and can not only provide a means to offer customer service, but can allow businesses to manage important aspects such as appointment scheduling.  The NHS has a huge drain on resources when people do not attend their appointments, and the financial loss is estimated to be around £700m every year.

Roy Lilley, NHS Commentator, explained that the new technology reminded people of upcoming appointments and also allowed people to rebook appointments if necessary.  “This seems a simple solution, but it really makes a difference to the patient experience and to the number of missed appointments, saving the health service a lot of money,” he added.

For companies dealing with customer and clients via an appointment-based system, it is vital to ensure that as many people turn up as possible.  Having an efficient way to remind people of their upcoming appointments can be an extremely important step in lowering the rates of “did not attend.”  By outsourcing this work and making use of call centre technology, companies can stop worrying about appointments and put their efforts into business growth.

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