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Call centre streamlining can damage customer loyalty

Over the past few years and months, many call centres have focussed on streamlining their services and optimising every process. Even though this reorganisation can boost success in many cases, there are times when streamlining might have a negative effect on consumers and could even end up alienating customers.

One particular approach that has the potential to alienate people is when processes are streamlined by removing the human element. In many cases this makes sense, and telephone answering services have been quick to adopt self-service options. However, brands must recognise that there are times when human interaction is essential for resolving an issue, and these occasions are when agents must be free to talk with consumers.

Moreover, core competencies should not be circumnavigated by streamlining. For example, a hotel chain might be highly valued for its housekeeping. Offering savings to customers to forego this service saves money in the short term, but a brand’s image for housekeeping quality might be lost in the long run.

Overall, the question telephone answering services should consider is how best to serve their target audience. There are two ways to address the issue: relinquishing part of a consumer base to handle core customers better or remaining more flexible and keeping parts of service less streamlined.

The customer remains the most important part of business. It is far easier to serve existing consumers than it is to find new ones, so streamlining should only be put into effect when brands are sure it will not negatively affect their current brand fans and followers.

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