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Call centre staff must provide a high quality experience

It has been said time and time again that customer experience is everything, and that fact has never been truer.  Customers now demand a better service from companies than ever before, and it is vital for firms to address the needs of clients.  This year, call centre staff must be given the tools to provide a level of extremely high customer care, ensuring that negative impact is minimised and positive branding excels.

In a recent customer services survey it was revealed that 37% of people still prefer to conduct their company contact through telephone answering services.  Whilst other contact methods continue to grow, with email noting 22%, call centres are still the best way for many people to find answers to their queries.  This puts a huge weight upon call centre staff to offer high quality care because it could be the company’s only time to provide a positive brand image to their customers.

Though many firms are looking towards social media and online virtual assistants to help their clients, these outlets should not be developed at the expense of call centre customer service expertise.  A growing number of customers are using other methods of contact, but when in doubt, will almost certainly turn to call centre contact.  This means that it is essential to continue training of staff to ensure that the highest quality care possible is being provided, ensuing that customers always leave with a positive experience.

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