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Call centre staff must become brand ambassadors

Employee roles are always evolving in the workplace, and this has never been truer than within the call centre industry. Professionals working in this market increasingly have to turn to new methods of interacting with customers, especially through emerging social networking channels. For this reason, a number of telephone answering services are beginning to move away from scripted conversations and train their staff to become brand ambassadors instead.

Scripted phone conversations can often feel stilted, and with callers expecting more from customer services than ever before, it is vital for people to be left with a positive experience. This means that increased staff training is required to ensure that all staff have the knowledge and expertise to deal with phone calls without having to work their way through an onscreen conversation.

Going back to basics is a good solution for training brand ambassadors, and employees should be taught how to recognise caller needs. Customers don’t utilise call centres for a friendly chat but to have a specific need met. If employees are able to recognise problems and then take appropriate action, then both worker and client will be left with a positive action and engaging experience. This not only goes to improve customer service but also can help with job satisfaction, the latter of which goes a long in helping to reduce staff turnover. Reinforcing brand values is also an essential part of training, ensuring that all employees recognise the areas that they should be focussed on when dealing with callers. By creating brand ambassadors, companies can help create a positive experience for customers and staff.

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