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Call centre services in education

Educational organisations are just as likely to need call centre services as any other.  Colleges and other institutions receive a large amount of enquiries and it is not often the case that they employ call handling staff outside of standard office hours.  Those who want to enquire about taking a course may want to speak to somebody in the evening or at the weekend and call centre staff can handle requests for appointments with course advisors or requests for brochures.

A telephone answering service can also deal with calls that have the potential to be converted into sales and confirmed bookings onto courses.  This allows educational organisations to keep operating costs to a minimum and software and other systems can be used that are compatible with that of the client.

Being able to deal with enquiries around the clock is very important and call centre services offer this.  Reporting of figures and statistics on calls can be done in real time so that the client always has a true picture of the situation in regards to calls.  Staff can be trained specifically to deal with calls on course enquiries and as time goes on, and both the course syllabus and college prospectus change, the telephone answering service team can adapt.  Setting up this type of service is very easy and can be done very quickly so that the call centre is working with the client instead of just for them.

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