GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call centre services for the sole trader

In many cases it is the sole trader who finds it most difficult to deal with customer service.  One person who employs no-one else will not be able to work, deal with administration and offer the right level of customer service in order to keep the business going properly.  This is particularly true of tradesmen.  The independent plumber, for example, will not want to break off fitting a new boiler to take a call from a potential customer.  However, this is a call that he cannot afford to miss.

At times like this a telephone answering service will come into its own.  At the busiest moments the calls can be forwarded to the call centre for the virtual PA to deal with the query.  This may just involve taking a message, but there are also options to have the PA deal with diary management and book appointments on behalf of the sole trader so that he or she does not have to worry about this later on and can simply attend the appointment.

Alternatively the PA can take all calls for the trader.  This leaves time free for marketing and promotion of the business as well as the work itself.  This can have a tremendous impact on the business, which should be clear in the accounts.  More time for actual work leaves more time for earning money and this should help the business to run very smoothly.


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