GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call centre services for professionals

Professionals always need to be sure that they present a professional image to their clients and when assistance is needed with handling calls then it is a good idea to turn to a telephone answering service operated by a call centre.  A business could begin with corporate reception services and that of a virtual PA.  It means that a business will not need to employ staff in-house in order to provide cover for answering the phone.  Marketing can be handled easily by a trained team in a call centre and those who want to have operating lines for information requests will find that this can be provided with no problems.

New customers often call wanting further information before they commit to making an appointment or purchasing a product or service.  Information packs can be sent out and specific data on those who have called in can be collated and passed back to the client so that this can be used to maximum effect.  Information can be emailed directly upon request or mailed out using standard post.

All systems operated by the call centre can be easily integrated with those of the client so that the information can be accessed with no problems instantly.  Information is, therefore, provided in real time and operating costs can be kept to a minimum.  If there are short marketing campaigns then call centre staff can be used to deal with calls in the short term but there is also the option to have a round-the-clock telephone answering service.

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