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Call centre services for donations

Call centre services can also be used for fundraising campaigns.  When large call volumes are expected it is a good idea to have experienced staff taking the calls.  Experienced staff members bring with them many benefits to such a campaign.  Donors who are making a one-off donation can be converted into regular donators, and in some cases the donor may make a higher donation than expected.

With the staff at your telephone answering service able to interact with the supporters, your company will be able to find out more about what the supporters want and see which areas they want to support the most.  It is possible to gather information on those who make donations so that further information can be sent out to them and they can be contacted directly for future campaigns.

Payments can be processed immediately when using call centres and this includes arranging direct debits or other regular payments.  In addition, donators who have questions will get answers immediately.

With a call centre where customer care is paramount, this can translate into a very successful fundraising campaign.  It also allows charities and other businesses to concentrate on other aspects of the business without taking too many staff away from their work.  Fundraising campaigns are often irregular so it is much more practical in many cases to outsource the work to a telephone answering service as there will be very little disruption in the workplace.

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