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Call centre sees surge in demand

A call centre for Lambeth Council has seen a surge in demand since the government made changes to its benefits system.  Officials from the council said that calls had increased by 33%, showing just how important telephone answering services are for people in need.

On 1st April, the government made a number of cuts to benefits, with many individuals confused about the new entitlements.  As such, a lot of people have had to use call centre agents to try and find out how the changes in benefits laws have affected them.

Councillor Lib Peck said: “These figures show beyond doubt the impact of the changes to benefits made by government on the lives of thousands of Lambeth residents.  In the last month we have seen a 33% increase in the number of people contacting our call centre about benefits and a big rise in the number of people who have been sent reminder notices about their council tax accounts.”

The latest data from the call centre shows just how important telephone answering services can be in aiding consumers.  For companies who may be preparing to launch a new product or make changes to an existing service, it is vital to factor in a rise in call centre demand as customers seek out advice and help.  Although the latest data related to government cuts, they can be easily applied to the commercial sector where changes to consumer products can cause call traffic to swell.

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