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Call centre scripting has become outdated

TypingIn the past, call centres spent a lot of time and money trying to get their scripting spot on. These pre-defined scripts helped keep agents on track and tied into a rigid structure. However, modern society needs to be a little more flexible, and for many telephone answering services, this means doing away with the traditional script.

Consumer conversations don’t always go the way one might expect. This can be problematic for agents who are stuck to a script. For those who are used to a set structure, thinking on their feet can be difficult in such a scenario and customer care quality can begin to suffer. In addition, agents often have to read through vast amounts of text to find the right information. This can result in awkward silences or customers being put on hold.

Although scripts can be useful for enquiries that aren’t complex, knowledgeable and experienced agents are generally more likely to give better service than those who stick to set scripting. From an agent’s perspective, it gives them more flexibility to get the job done and show a little personality. Meanwhile, customers are likely to get better service overall.

Of course, there is still a fundamental need for some structure. Whether this is by rigid scripting or a simplified short list of steps is down to individual call centres. However, modern society demands better service, and traditional scripts are becoming outdated.

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