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Call centre sales ordering lines

Many small businesses need help when they first start out due to complications concerning the business or simply because the business owner simply has too much work to do. If you have started a small business, why not take one of your worries away and have a third party company look after your inbound sales calls?

If you have just set up a business that sells products, you may not be available 24/7 to take orders for these products over the phone. You may be pitching for new work, may be handling another call or may be just having a day off. However, as everyone who has started a new business knows, you cannot afford to miss even one lead or one sale.

A new business should start as it means to go on, and that means answering calls in a polite and courteous manner and dealing with customer’s requests promptly.

If you need a helping hand, why not use trained call centre staff to help out?

Call centre professionals will be able to take your calls at times of high demand or just during times when you are unavailable to answer the phone. Some of the things they can do include:

• Process sales orders and take credit card payments
• Take messages, so you can call the customer back
• Offer a 24/7 call answering service
• Upsell of products and services
• Be a virtual receptionist

It can be a tiring and complicated task starting a new business so you need all the help you can get.

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