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Call centre role still misunderstood by consumers

Side view of customer advisory serviceA new YouGov study has discovered that many British consumers misunderstand the role of a call centre, automatically believing that they are going to be sold something when they are contacted by telephone answering services agents. It is now up to those in the industry to challenge these beliefs and educate people on the vital customer services role that contact centres play.

Almost 90 per cent of those asked in the survey said they expect to be sold something when they pick up the phone to a call centre agent.

The survey was carried out on behalf of Aquarium Software. Managing Director Ed Shropshire said: “For the four per cent of contact centres exclusively sales based, the findings may not cause concern, but for the vast majority, these results are worrying. The split between sales and service currently sits at 75/25 in favour of service, so more needs to be done to make the facts known and address the underlying concerns of the public exposed by these findings.”

In the future, companies need to do more to turn the current negative perceptions of the industry around. In addition to improving their sales tactics, brands also need to contend with the increasing need to offer varied communication channels.

Shropshire noted that successful companies will need to be able to improve customer journeys by embracing new technologies and challenges. Modern omnichannel systems can be an essential part of this, allowing agents to respond through people’s personal favourite channels instead of limiting communication methods and frustrating consumers before a conversation has even begun.

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