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Call centre productivity boost by injixo and mplsystems integration

International customer service representatives with headset onDeveloping a productive and efficient operating system is vital if call centres are to respond successfully to business and consumer needs. Now, a new integration by mplsystems and injixo will provide a dynamic tool to increase the quality of customer experience and productivity. This will help improve overall service and might even lead to growth.

As part of the deal, mplsystems’ leading telephone answering services tools will be integrated with workforce management software from injixo. The resulting technology provides users with a way to simplify customer interactions without compromising on quality. Call centres will be able to access the intelligentDesktop module to find real-time data, allowing agents to collate all relevant information whilst they are talking with customers across a range of channels.

By integrating the tool with injixo’s workforce management solution, companies will now be able to gather all the data from multi-channel contacts. This can be used in conjunction with scheduling, forecasting and planning tools, reducing the need for guesswork whilst boosting productivity capacity. Finally, the combined software will allow users to enjoy a seamless flow through the information process, with both agents and staff benefiting from real-time data access.

Maximising the ability to boost productivity and efficiency is vital for modern firms that want to use their resources wisely and reduce wastage for maximum success. By combining customer experience and service tools with workforce management software, call centres will be able to use real-time data to their advantage, leveraging this powerful information for everyone’s benefit.

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