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Call centre poll discovers half of companies want self-service controls

Laptop & MobileA new poll of companies in the call centre industry has shown that 56 per cent of respondents want increased campaign controls for self-service options. When running the Six Critical Pieces of an Outbound Engagement Solution webinar, Hugh Garber asked attendees about their current telephone answering services practices and wishes. He discovered that people were placing a high priority on increasing self-service tools and features.

Self-service options can be extremely useful for call centres, allowing customers to handle their own accounts for tasks ranging from relatively simple to quite complex. By giving people the chance to help themselves, businesses can enjoy a fall in inbound traffic, thereby allowing them to focus on callers who really need help. It also means that people can access services whenever and wherever they want.

Many agents want to see a larger range of self-service tools in modern times. This will allow firms to customise and manage their operations, and it can be particularly useful when running outbound campaigns that rely on engagement with consumers.

With customer engagement and consumer care so important for modern companies, it is vital to offer people what they want. This not only builds a good relationship with people, but it can also streamline operational procedures within a call centre. With firms needing to provide bespoke and tuned services to their clients, gaining more control over self-service programs and software could have advantages for a company and its customers.

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