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Call centre phone volume increased by poor websites

Websites URLMany companies spend a lot of time trying to decrease their call centre traffic volume. It has been revealed that up to 60 per cent of call volume stems from bad websites, with firms needing to focus on providing the right information via their digital channels if they want to make a significant dent in traffic.

A recent report by Forrester revealed that the most common form of self-help is visiting a company’s website. If people can’t find the answers they’re looking for online, they then call telephone answering services. In fact, the vast majority of calls are from people who have experienced ineffective websites. This indicates that call centres could significantly reduce traffic volume by paying attention to their online storefronts and making sure as many FAQs are answered as possible.

Self-service options, such as visiting a website, allow customers to have their questions answered around the clock. If they can’t find the right answer, they will phone a call centre or perhaps even head to the competition instead.

The challenge for businesses is to develop a system that provides an efficient and consistent service. Self-service tools such as websites can be supplemented with webchat and online virtual assistants. This can reduce the number of people phoning call centres, which will help to boost positive experiences and ensure that agents only have to deal with the most complex scenarios.

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