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Call Centre Outsourcing for 2012

Will companies be outsourcing to call centres for 2012?

India, the rest of Asia, and even South Africa are asking if companies will outsource to them for 2012. The last five months of 2011 were very hard for some of the industries in the UK and the world. It has left issues of whether to hire and grow in business or to scale back. For many of the call centres this is an important question as it seems the UK may be pulling back on how and where they outsource.

It is not that the UK will stop using call centres for 2012, but they may decide to keep the services in-country or begin to outsource to English speaking locations such as South Africa or the Philippines. For India and China this can be a huge blow to their economy considering they have invested in telephone answering services to stabilise their economy.

There is a chance India may have to restructure their call centre options, appraising their businesses to see where changes can be made. In this way they may be able to gain better employees such as those with better English accents. UK companies are not fooled by the cheap prices from Indian call centres now that there are several other pools to choose from. The UK can save money by outsourcing to the Philippines or South Africa and still gain English speakers. For non-English speaking countries it means changes are on the way.

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