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Call centre options for those in health

The health and leisure industry is just one industry that can benefit greatly from the use of a telephone answering service.  This type of service can be particularly beneficial for services such as a spa.  Services such as brochure requests are easily dealt with by the staff in a call centre.  Information on those making enquiries can be gathered and recorded and information can be sent out in electronic formats or via post.

Those who wish to book appointments can do so through a centralised system and staff can be trained to up sell and offer promotional details as needed.  A call centre is perfect for businesses that have dedicated sales order lines.  The required number of staff can work on these lines so that customers are able to speak to a real person.  The systems can be seamless between the client and the call centre, so that information gathered can be accessed immediately by the client.

Using a telephone answering service can help to keep costs low and calls can be outsourced during off-peak hours so there is no requirement to keep staff on-site during the evenings or at weekends.  Setting up this type of service is much less complicated than it appears and call centre staff can be helping customers within hours.  Customers will not be given the impression that the telephone answering service has been outsourced as the seamless service will appear to be part of the client’s business.

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