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Call centre MDs urged to take the reins occasionally

close up shot of human finger pressing landline phone numberCustomer care is left to frontline agents all too often. This isn’t always a problem because call centre staff are typically trained to handle enquiries and ensure customers are given the best possible service. However, it’s important for managing directors to take the reins once in a while to understand their customer better and build their team’s confidence.

Those in higher management don’t have a lot of time to spare and can’t always be on the floor, but it is still important for telephone answering services MDs to talk with customers every now and then. First, it helps build credibility with agents by showing that managers really understand the work their agents do. It also allows for directors to take note of best practices. This can be used to transform a business, implementing agents’ skills and expertise across a company.

Taking time out of a busy schedule to man the phones for an hour or so also means that directors have a chance to listen to consumers. This is not only essential to learn about potential issues, but it also allows managers to reconnect with consumer engagement. It also provides the perfect opportunity to catch personal mistakes early.

For higher management wanting to boost the efficiency of their call centre, it is important to get on the floor and actually answer some calls. This allows for personal development and company optimisation, both of which can boost overall performance.

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