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Call centre managers require holidays

With the popular holiday season approaching, it has been revealed that managers must make time to go away if they want to optimise their performance in the workplace. Taking a break from the call centre environment can be extremely beneficial for many leaders, says Heather Foley, who outlined some reasons why managers must make time for a break.

The telephone answering services industry can be frenetic, and in many cases, managers might get so swamped with work that they don’t schedule themselves a break. However, taking a time out can actually help with working performance, so it’s essential to have time for a recharge.

First, taking some time away from a call centre can provide people with a fresh perspective and increase their ability to solve problems as a result. Taking the time to relax and recharge is also important to optimise continued development and improvement in the workplace. Business decisions are made on a swift basis and making the wrong choice could have big implications. Therefore, being rested is vital.

As a leader, it is also important to be able to spread energy and motivation to other workers; this is something that can be hard to do if managers aren’t feeling refreshed themselves. Getting away from the buzz of work provides the perfect opportunity to wind down so that when executives return to their team, they are motivated and energised to push performance to the top.

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