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Call centre managers need to maximise their success

SuccessAgents are the wheelhouses of telephone answering services, but without a manager, their efficiency and performance can slide. This means that call centres must ensure their supervisors have the skills to deal with whatever is thrown at them. Having confidence will help gain the trust of agents, pushing a company’s performance higher as a result.

The number one underrated skill for managers is listening. Many people prioritise other talents over this, but listening can be the key to success. First, it gives agents the impression that managers are quietly confident and wise. In addition, by actively taking the time out to listen to people, supervisors can also gain a better understanding of problems and make more informed decisions. In addition, people who are happy in silence are often the most comfortable, so it can be worth remaining quiet and doing nothing.

Actively asking the right questions is also an essential skill for managers to have. After silence, it’s important that when things are said, they are constructive. By carefully thinking about what to ask, managers can gain important information by appearing confident and incisive.

Finally, admitting mistakes can be a very positive characteristic for managers. Not everything will go right, and the wrong call can sometimes be made. By holding their hands up, managers can help build trust in their team and ultimately boost productivity and team morale across a call centre.

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